Become an Ecstatic Dance DJ at the Purple Church

We welcome new DJs to become a part of our rotating group of music loving, sacred space holding, body, soul, and mind expanding DJs for Bellingham's Ecstatic Dance!

Most PC DJs compile their mix ahead of time and play it back through iTunes or another media player from a laptop. This gives you the chance to carefully plan the flow of the mix ahead of time, so the tempo starts and ends slow and builds to a climax in the middle. It also lets you test all the transitions between songs to make them all smooth, and it allows you to relax and dance like crazy at the dance knowing that the mix is already complete. Tweaking the volume slightly from song to song is often necessary. Some DJs like to mix on the fly, which is also an option after we've gotten to know your style. 

If you'd like to DJ, the first thing to do is to start coming to dances to become part of our community. We want to get to know your vibe, and for you to understand the vibe of the dance. Please approach Peter or iMa at the end of the dance to let them know you're interested. The next step is to provide us a sample 2 hour mix. We will review the mix and give you feedback if there are any changes we'd suggest. Then we will add your dance to the schedule!

The intention of the Purple Church is to create a sacred space for people from all walks of life to have a fun, personally meaningful, and spiritual experience. Since talking is not allowed on the dance floor, dancers go deep into the music and into themselves. We strongly encourage DJs to incorporate sacred music, world music, and inspirational music, as well as dance music that just make you want to boogie. We require that all music be positive vibes, with no dark/negative messages, no profanity, and an overall happy and uplifting vibe. That said, it's ok to take a few risks on some songs that might be a bit "out there". The traditional 5 Rhythms dance format is a great guideline for how to structure a mix that takes dancers on a sacred journey. The 5 Rhythms in order are Flowing, Staccato, Chaos, Lyrical, and Stillness. 

We pay our DJs based on the donations for the night. We first cover our rent and insurance costs, and then everything else goes to the DJ. Depending on the turnout for the ecstatic dance, DJs can receive anywhere from $50 - $150+. The more you promote your dance within your Bellingham and Whatcom County network, and the more people come, the more you will get paid. We announce the dances by email, on our Facebook page, Facebook Group and in other media as available. An effective way to get the word out to your network is to update your Facebook profile image with the DJ Graphic we post to the page - since the FB algorithm puts updated profiles in friends news feeds more than any other type of post. We also have cards and flyers we can give you to pass out.  We encourage you to think of DJing at the PC as a way of contributing your talent to the community, and as an act of sacred service. The financial compensation is a nice bonus though! 


Sample DJ Graphic that's shared on Facebook

Ecstatic Dance in Bellingham, Whatcom County