About The Purple Church Dance

Ecstatic dance is a no alcohol, no talking alternative to dance clubs, which gives dancers the opportunity to go deep within themselves, experience joy, "dance through" their personal challenges and get closer to the divine. Well-supervised children are welcome, as are people of all ages, and people with disabilities.

This ecstatic dance is an opportunity to dance or move however you wish, in a non-judgmental, and very diverse environment. While there is no specific religious affiliation, the intention is for the dance to be a sacred experience

that is shared as a group. A "no talking on the dance floor" rule allows you to go deep into yourself, freeing you of the temptation to chat which keeps you in your mind, and allowing you to fully enter your body, and connect with your soul and the divine. All ages and dance styles are welcome.


A rotating group of DJs provide two hour dance and world 'flow' mixes that start slow for stretching and warming up, gradually build for lots of great and dynamic dance time, reach an exciting apex, and then bring you back down to earth with slow, gentle songs at the end, leaving you feeling at peace and connected with all that is.  Most dancers chose not to wear shoes. Water is provided. The $5-10 suggested donation goes to covering expenses and the rest goes to the DJ. 

This dance has been continually run in Bellingham since 1976 when it started at Fairhaven College. Originally called the "Un-Disco", it has evolved through being "Gotta Dance", and now to "The Purple Church". Although The Purple Church dance has been moved around to many different locations, it gets it's name from the 'purple church like' building in Bellingham where it resided for many years.

Ecstatic Dance in Bellingham, Whatcom County